Redesigned Product Page
My time at Borrow
In January of 2021, I interned at Borrow (

The Goal
To research and create updated product pages to give them an updated style focusing on lifestyle imagery and an all-around updated feel.

The product pages had not been updated since the website launched and it was our goal to create updated pages that met the business needs and goals.

We want the users to feel more engaged and excited about what life could be like with the vehicle snd show off the best features.
My Role
I was the sole designer on this project.  I did the research and designs for all changes here. All designs were created using Figma and imagery from the Kia press kits.
The Current Design
 When you head to the product pages you would only see a standard product picture of the vehicle, the pricing, and the reserve button.

We gathered feedback from the founding team that they felt the page lacked style a lively sort of imagery to it.  They wanted it to feel more like if you were not just getting a car but getting the sort of lifestyle that could come along with it.  
Proposed Updated Design
Once I had the feedback on how the team wanted our users to feel about the pages when they looked over them I started to research other electric vehicle pages. 

After reviewing the most popular electric vehicles companies and cars I was able to create a layout that met the needs and wants of the team to give our users a more immersive type of experience.

I kept the call to action still above the fold to make it front and center.  I wanted to make sure the user got to see what they are in store for.  Based on Hotjar videos we saw that users would scroll from top to bottom and look over the information provided.  I was sure to keep the text as short as possible and to the point to have the most impact.  

Give it a try yourself
Feel free to scroll up and down to get a feel for the page I created.
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