Online Banking, skip the line
Online banking takes the hassle out of taking care of your banking, no longer do we need to drive to the bank, fill out deposit slips, and hope we remembered our account number correctly.  We can simply take a picture and deposit that check, freeze, or replace a card with the touch of a button.  Long are the days of waiting in line to make simple transactions.

Online banking and ease of access to your account and features are the goal of this project.  Making managing your account as easy and quick as possible.  In this section, I will show off a few of the features that were created to help keep things easy and give multiple ways to access actions.
My Role
Product Designer
User stories for the development team are stored in Azure DevOps and meetings with the Project manager and Project owners happen multiple times a week.  I lead design sessions to update the designs to reflect requirements as they are made available and updated daily.
Mobile First Design
Fast, easy, and convenient, should always be the goal of mobile designs.  Thoughtful placement and easy-to-navigate solutions to the most common use cases.
Misplaced your card and not ready to replace it?  Lock it up!  
Unauthorized transactions? Replace it!

We have all been there, you got to get your card to pay for something, and the panic we all feel when that card is not where you left it is real.  Fear not, you can lock that card to stop it from being used while you search!  
Lock it up!
If you lost a card or left it behind the second you realize it, simply log into your banking portal and from the home screen lock it right away.  
Found Fraud?
If you are reviewing your transactions and see charges you did not make have the option to again lock your card from the quick actions on screen.
Card Replacement
Replacing a card is done in 2 steps, you simply first, request to replace a card.  Simply select to replace your card, let us know why and confirm your shipping address.  

This of course could differ depending on the reason you are replacing a card, a lost card will have a new card number issued while a damaged card will not, so in once case you will not need to update any autopayments you have set up.
This project is still being worked on and improved with each design session we have.  More requirements will be added and the flow ever-changing as feedback and requirements are updated.  

Doing careful research and making sure to hit requirements will always be the main objective in any design work. 
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