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That's me with the purple tie and the rainbow flower!
My name is Nick Mitchell, and I am a UX Designer who creates thoughtful and user-focused designs in the Pacific Northwest.
My experience as a wedding photographer and artist helps me to push my designs to always be as user-focused and memorable as possible if I can make the bride cry tears of joy when looking at her photos I know I did my job, I take this same approach to my design process and creations.  
As a wedding photographer, I could work solo and working with others (wedding coordinators, other photographers, videographers, the family, etc.) to ensure the event goes as planned and on schedule. This skill set translates perfectly to working in a team or solo environment.
I want to create meaningful, reliable designs and interactions that will draw my users back in again and again and leave them feeling the same way a bride feels looking at her wedding photos for the first time.
The old saying "It's for the bride.." really means just do what it takes to make the user happy and have the best experience possible.  

Pacific Northwest-based Enterprise Designer
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